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Licensed Electrician

Should I hire a licensed electrician to work on my home wiring?


Licensed Electrician in Phoenix
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Absolutely yes.

Without a doubt you should always hire a licensed electrician when it comes to any type of electrical repair or construction in your home or business.

Licensed contractors have been tested and certified by the state in which they work.

Here in Arizona you can research local contractors by using the Arizona Registrar of Contractors website.

The contractor search at the AZ ROC is a great resource to verify if a contractor in Arizona has a license in good standing.

(Bonus: it will also tell you if there are any violations against the license!)

If you go  there, search for ‘Nelson Electrical Contracting’ to see our residential electrician & commercial electrician license information.

Times are tough, I’d like to save a few dollars and hire a ‘handyman’ from the local classified ads to perform my electrical work? What might be the risks?

Simply put, the risks can be deadly.

If an unlicensed electrical contractor installs a circuit in your home that work is not insured.

Therefore it not protected against damage.

So if the worst case scenario occurs, and the new circuit causes your home or business to catch fire, there will be nobody to turn to.

The old saying holds true for many things in life… you get what you pay for.

This saying certainly applies to hiring a licensed electrician

Award your job to the lowest bidder, and you will without a doubt receive low quality work in return.

If that low quality work will most certainly end up costing you more in the long run, isn’t it wiser to get it done right the first time?

Working with a licensed electrician ensures safety and compliance with all local and national electric codes.

Working with a licensed electrician offers peace of mind.

There are two primary reasons that licensed electricians cost more that the local handyman.

  • Licensed electricians are certified in their trade
  • Licensed electrician are insured and bonded to cover any possible mishaps.

Nelson Electrical Contracting is a licensed electrician and electrical contractor located in the Phoenix area and serves the entire Phoenix area. Click here to learn more about us!

NEC has the skills AND the certification it takes to get the job done right, every time.

Call the professional Phoenix electricians at Nelson Electrical Contracting today and setup a free quote for your next electrical project! (602) 574-3631

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